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my dad is so stupid…. we are broke… but stills buys an iphone everytime a new fucking iphone comes out…. it’s the same shit over and over. but he doesn’t just buy 1 and buys 2 or 3! 849.99 each + tax and he ends up only using 1 of them…

I only get a new phone when I really really need it not want it… my phone’s screen is craked up and I’m still satisfied with it. as long as I can still make calls and communicate with people with my phone I am fucking good… I don’t need to buy over priced phones

kids don’t play tag, they play twerk video

I try to talk to these people on tumblr when I straight up know they don’t want to talk to me, but I effort of me putting in makes me feel like shit when I come to the realization that I’m alone and people like them would never want to socialize with someone like me

I forgot I can’t vent or say what I want and say what I feel on facebook anymore cause I added my dad on facebook. ugh. #sadlife

I wish when I talk to a girl as more than friends I’d hope to be the only guy she’s talking to… but then again I’m just a substitute for something better…

Btw guys I’m gonna be so done with this integrated computer! I’m building a PC with a GTX 780 by nvidia

anyone wanna play league of legend with my troll account… add me
Squirt Princess

Depressing thoughts, but also thinking how to save my grandma from the struggle